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  1. Is National Health Investors, Inc. (NYSE:NHI) A Healthy REIT?

    Simply Wall St. via Yahoo FinanceAug 09 13:53 PM

    National Health Investors, Inc. is a US$3.5b mid-cap, real estate investment trust (REIT) based in Murfreesboro, United States. REITs are basically a portfolio of income-producing real ...

  2. Why Do So Many People Claim Social Security at 62?

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceAug 03 18:36 PM

    Social Security benefits are earnings-based. Someone who claims Social Security at full retirement age will get the exact monthly benefit his or her earnings record allows for.

  3. Research presented today at the 71st AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo shows that a questionnaire-based algorithm predicts the risk of a pregnant woman developing preeclampsia ...

  4. NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Asthma is underdiagnosed and undertreated in older Americans, leading to poor outcomes. Older asthma patients who also suffer from depression have ...

  5. By speaking to their parents before their health deteriorates, a person can understand if Mom and Dad can pay their own bills, especially if long-term or professional care is needed, ...

  6. 96% of Americans Are Making This Social Security Mistake

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceAug 08 0:00 AM

    "Mistakes, I've made a few" goes the old Frank Sinatra standard, and all of us have made plenty of them. For example, it's best to avoid making mistakes with your Social Security, lest you end ...

  7. Democratic hopefuls take aim at insurer and pharma profits

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceAug 11 11:42 AM

    Their idea: Health care dollars from government programs, employers and families that are going into the pockets of investors instead could be used to pay for services. If people want ...

  8. 7 Limping Dividend Stocks to Sell or Avoid

    Kiplinger via Yahoo FinanceAug 07 20:04 PM

    DIVCON examines the payout health of the market's 1,200 largest dividend stocks, rating metrics such as earnings growth, free cash flow (how much cash companies have left over after they ...

  9. 3 Pros and Cons of Claiming Social Security Early

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceAug 06 10:36 AM

    Filing for Social Security ahead of full retirement age means getting your money sooner, and that could come in handy if you've lost your job or can no longer work for health reasons, ...

  10. You’re Better at Choosing a Dog Than a Spouse

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceAug 15 0:00 AM

    We might find a key to better decisions, and a happier life, in the echoing halls of an animal shelter. I drove to my local animal shelter and returned with an oversized senior cat named Pooh Bear.

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