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  1. These Are the States That Passed 'Heartbeat Bills'

    Fortune via Yahoo FinanceMay 31 9:00 AM

    Louisiana became the next state likely to pass a “heartbeat bill” this week, aiming to ban abortion as soon as a “fetal heartbeat” is detected. Although such measures are typically put forward ...

  2. Congress finally sends $19B disaster aid bill to Trump

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceJun 04 1:38 AM

    Fifty-eight Republicans voted "no," including many of the party's most conservative members. Trump hailed passage of the bill, tweeting, "Farmers, Puerto Rico and all will be very happy ...

  3. Census citizenship question could transform state elections

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceMay 31 20:13 PM

    The files from North Carolina redistricting expert Tom Hofeller include detailed calculations that lay out gains Republicans would see in Texas by basing legislative districts on the ...

  4. Louisiana lawmakers send new abortion ban to governor's desk

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceMay 30 0:19 AM

    Louisiana lawmakers on Wednesday passed a strict new abortion ban that would prohibit the procedure before some women even know they are pregnant, joining a half-dozen conservative states with ...

  5. Free traders no more? GOP warms up to Trump's use of tariffs

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceJun 08 1:10 AM

    Even with President Donald Trump backing off his threat to slap tariffs on goods from Mexico, his transformation of Republican Party trade policy is nearly complete.

  6. Explainer: Why Google has a target on its back in Washington

    Reuters via Yahoo FinanceJun 02 14:41 PM

    The potential investigation, first reported on Friday, is the latest challenge for Google which already faces a raft of complaints about its business practices from rivals, as well as Democrats ...