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  4. Falconry - Wikipedia

    Falconry is the hunting of wild animals in its natural state and habitat by means of a trained bird of prey.There are two traditional terms used to describe a person involved in falconry: a falconer flies a falcon; an austringer (German origin) flies a hawk (Accipiter and some buteos and similar) or an eagle (Aquila or similar).

  5. Falconry is an Art

    Falconry. Falconry is an art. It requires long hours, constant devotion, finesse, subtlety and skill. The falconer must train a bird of prey to fly free, hunt for a human being and then accept a return to captivity.

  6. What is Falconry? - North American Falconers Association

    What is Falconry?. Falconry can be defined as the taking of wild quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of a trained raptor. This ancient art is a very demanding endeavor, requiring a serious dedication of time and energy from the falconer.

  7. Beginners Circle - American Falconry

    Glossary of falconry terms | Help Finding a Sponsor. American Falconry recognizes that some of the readers might not be familiar with the realities of keeping a bird. Here we will explain some of those questions you may have.

  8. 2. (Falconry) the sport of causing falcons to return from flight to their trainer and to hunt quarry under his or her direction

  9. Falconry (also known as "Hawking") is defined as the training of raptors and hunting with raptors for the pursuit of wild game. Falconry includes capturing raptors from the wild, caring for, training, hunting, and transporting raptors held for the sport of falconry.

  10. Falconry | Definition of Falconry by Merriam-Webster

    For more than 3,000 years, humans have trained these lords of the sky to hunt wild game for them, developing into the art of falconry. — vincent crampton,, "Explore Florida's Suwannee County: Experience an ancient hunting art at International Falconry Academy," 6 May 2018

  11. Falconry |

    Falconry: Falconry, the sport of employing falcons, true hawks, and sometimes eagles or buzzards in hunting game.

  12. Falconry. Falconry in the State of Washington . Falconry is the art of training raptors to hunt in cooperation with a human and the sport of actively pursuing wild quarry with a trained raptor.

  13. American Falconry magazine


    American Falconry is a magazine that is devoted entirely to the sport of falconry and is produced by practicing falconers. Each full color issue contains some of the best photography in the industry.