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  1. Massive Solar-Storage Project Is Planned for the Nevada Desert

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceJun 25 17:48 PM

    Clean-power companies are racing to develop solar projects with batteries capable of providing grids with power after sundown. A key reason is more and more states -- including Nevada -- have ...

  2. Wildfire Risk Blazing Across Western U.S.

    Benzinga via Yahoo FinanceJun 25 22:03 PM

    Crews in several parts of the Desert Southwest and Great Basin have been busy trying to contain some large fires, and conditions are prime for these fires to possibly get worse and then ...

  3. In battle for Libya's oil, water becomes a casualty

    Reuters via Yahoo FinanceJul 02 6:26 AM

    Interruptions to water supplies are common after eight years of near-anarchy since Muammar Gaddafi was ousted, but a wider crisis is now coming to a head in a country made up mainly of arid ...

  4. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Make Breakthrough in Neutral Zone Talks

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceJul 04 13:21 PM

    The barren strip of desert straddling Saudi Arabia and Kuwait -- a relic of the time when European powers drew implausible ruler-straight borders across the Middle East -- can pump about ...

  5. Scooters Help Europeans Dodge the Sweat After Launch in Germany

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceJun 28 9:45 AM

    Germany’s decision to legalize e-scooters last week came as Europeans fought to stay cool as a blast of hot air from the Sahara desert caused record temperatures in large parts of the ...

  6. The 56-year-old attorney previously announced plans to construct a Reno-sized, blockchain-focused smart city and e-sports arena in the Nevada desert. His $28 million acquisition of the ...

  7. California desert braces for aftershocks from major 7.1 quake

    Reuters via Yahoo FinanceJul 06 10:56 AM

    Emergency officials in Southern California's high desert braced for strong, potentially dangerous aftershocks from a major earthquake that damaged buildings, ruptured gas lines and sparked ...

  8. Japan’s Technology Stocks Are Having a Surprisingly Good Year

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceJun 28 6:33 AM

    The broader Topix index has mustered only a 3.8% advance in 2019, making it the worst performer this year among 24 advanced markets tracked by Bloomberg, as foreigners desert Japanese ...

  9. Aftershocks Rattle SoCal, But Damage, Economic Impact Minimal

    Benzinga via Yahoo FinanceJul 05 17:11 PM

    Pacific time near the high desert town of Ridgecrest, northeast of Los Angeles, in one of hundreds of aftershocks to hit the area since Thursday's larger quake.

  10. Wildfire Threat Heating Up Out West

    Benzinga via Yahoo FinanceJun 26 15:49 PM

    Fires burning in several states: There's an elevated risk for wildfires in the Great Basin and the Cascades, in addition to portions of the Rockies and the Desert Southwest where the ...

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