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  2. In 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Bristol Myers Squibb Co. v. Superior Court, 137 S. Ct. 1773 (2017) (BMS). This decision could potentially eliminate a large swath of nationwide product ...

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  4. Chinese drywall - Wikipedia

    Background. Drywall, also known as plasterboard, is a building material typically consisting of gypsum-based plaster extruded between two thick sheets of paper and kiln-dried.

  5. How Can I Tell If My Home Has Problem Drywall? |

    Your best source is our guidance (pdf) on identifying homes built with problem drywall. (There are many reasons that a home could exhibit similar symptoms to a home with problem drywall and it is important that you correctly identify the source at work in your particular circumstance.)

  6. Chinese drywall refers to drywall imported from China (from approximately 2001 to 2007) which contains extraneous metals and minerals, such as sulfur, strontium and iron.

  7. Chinese Drywall: Health Problems and Property Damage |

    Problem drywall is a problem that isn't going away. As of 2015, over 4,000 homeowners have reported that drywall imported from China has caused health problems and metal corrosion in their homes, according to the CDC. The contaminated drywall has high levels of sulfur, which may be responsible for a ...

  8. A variety of imported Chinese drywall called "Taishan" that is known for off-gassing of elevated sulfur compounds and damaging metal components contains the small print, limited marking: "4feetx12feetx1/2inch DrYwall".

  9. Corrosive Drywall | Florida Department of Health

    Copper Corrosion and Air-Conditioner Evaporator Coil Failures Possibly Associated with corrosive drywall

  10. Tests for Defective Drywall | Consumer Information

    Some U.S. homes built between 2003 and 2008 contain imported drywall, known in the press as Chinese drywall. Some consumers who live in these homes have reported problems, including a strong sulfur smell, like rotten eggs; health issues, like irritated and itchy eyes and skin, difficulty breathing, a persistent cough and headaches; and premature corrosion or deterioration of certain metal ...

  11. Chinese Drywall Nightmare - YouTube

    Homes are being eaten away as homeowners claim their families are getting sick.

  12. How to know the symptoms of Chinese drywall | Hunker

    Chinese drywall is an imported building material that has recently been discovered to contain dangerously high levels sulfur compounds. Millions of pounds of Chinese drywall were shipped into the United States since the beginning of the decade, and now thousands of homes contain the dangerous...

  13. Contaminated Chinese drywall cannot be repaired. Affected homeowners are being forced to either suffer bad health and failing appliances due to wire corrosion or replace the drywall entirely, a procedure which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.