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  1. Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Israel Nativism Will Haunt Democrats

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceMar 05 13:55 PM

    Where most members of Congress see a longstanding alliance, Omar sees a conspiracy. A similar note was sounded by Pat Buchanan, who once called Congress Israel’s “amen corner.” More recently ...

  2. Why Bibi Netanyahu Will Never Go Quietly

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceMar 03 7:00 AM

    He’s smart, strong and tough.” This is what Donald Trump told an Israeli reporter in Hanoi after it was announced that Netanyahu will be indicted (pending a personal hearing) on counts of bribery ...

  3. Netanyahu Is Now Attacking His Own Democracy

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceMar 13 14:56 PM

    Although he had long been in a low-scale war of attrition with politicians to his right, Netanyahu was certain that they could not siphon serious votes from his Likud party. The same may happen ...