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  1. U.S. Treasury Curve Signals Distress

    ETF Trends via Yahoo FinanceAug 17 14:54 PM

    Today, bond investors sounded the alarms. The 10-year and 30-year U.S. Treasury yields fell, causing the 2-year vs. 10-year portion of the yield curve to temporarily invert for the first time ...

  2. Why Are Markets Down So Far in August?

    ETF Trends via Yahoo FinanceAug 10 13:00 PM

    Investors were disappointed that trade tensions re-escalated and the Fed viewed their actions as a “mid-cycle adjustment,” but for the most part, took these developments in stride. However, ...

  3. Investors Are Just Not That into the Stock Market

    ETF Trends via Yahoo FinanceAug 04 11:00 AM

    Budget Debate Off the Table Until 2020 Investors Just Not That into the Stock Market Global Manufacturing Weakness Continues to Spread Next Week, the Fed Re-Takes Center Stage Apparently, the ...

  4. It’s an All-Out Currency War! What Are Your Next Moves?

    ETF Trends via Yahoo FinanceAug 10 14:00 PM

    A currency war, fought by one country through competitive devaluations of its currency against others, is one of the most destructive and feared outcomes in international economics. So says ...

  5. Get Ready for a Weaker U.S. Dollar … and Stronger Gold

    ETF Trends via Yahoo FinanceAug 10 14:33 PM

    Unemployment in the U.S. is at a half-century low and the S&P 500 is trading at near-record highs. Nevertheless, the Federal Reserve today trimmed interest rates for the first time since the ...

  6. The Newscasts, the Headache & Your Investments

    ETF Trends via Yahoo FinanceAug 04 14:30 PM

    As I write this column, bombings are rocking Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, North Korea has fired new short-range ballistic missiles, the BREXIT fiasco remains unresolved in the United Kingdom ...

  7. Target Date Funds May Be Riskier Than You Think

    ETF Trends via Yahoo FinanceAug 10 13:00 PM

    In a survey by the Securities and Exchange Commission, about 40% of respondents thought these funds were a safe investment for retirement. More alarmingly, 52% of target-date fund investors ...

  8. Investing in The Operating Room Where Tech And Healthcare Meet

    ETF Trends via Yahoo FinanceAug 04 12:00 PM

    Healthcare costs are escalating and for patients, those expenses seem to reach new heights in the operating room. A new generation of sophisticated, high-tech gadgets, machines and even robots ...

  9. Are We in Recession Yet?

    ETF Trends via Yahoo FinanceAug 04 14:00 PM

    I'm often asked if recession is coming. For quite some time now, my answer has been: “Yes, but not just yet. That's still what I think today, but more of the early warning signals I have used in the past are beginning to flash again.

  10. Is This A Cure For Stock Market FOMO?

    ETF Trends via Yahoo FinanceAug 11 12:00 PM

    The S&P 500's past 5 years have not been as great as some think p>Ask most casual observers about the stock market, and you will probably hear two types of responses. Some will say it has been ...

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