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  1. Sanders and Warren Challenged Over Whether They Can Beat Trump

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceJul 31 12:16 PM

    On health care, immigration, trade and climate, Sanders and Warren staked out positions at the far left of the Democratic spectrum: Abolishing private health insurance, decriminalizing ...

  2. Joe Biden Defends Obama Legacy Against Democratic Criticism

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceAug 01 19:54 PM

    The debate pits party establishment members, like Biden, who wants to build on the policies of Obama against progressives hungry for dramatic change, like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren ...

  3. Trump Targeting Rust Belt Leaves Democrats Playing Catch Up

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceJul 30 19:00 PM

    “Our steel industry was going out of business,” Trump said in mid-July during a White House event to promote domestically produced goods. “If I hadn’t been elected, you would have no steel industry now.

  4. Warren Named as No. 2 Choice Among Democrats: Campaign Update

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceAug 16 19:41 PM

    Polls have consistently shown that Joe Biden is the first choice of a plurality of Democrats. A new Pew Research Center survey suggests that other than Biden, Warren is best positioned to be that candidate.

  5. Biden Clarifies Fossil-Fuel Policy After Debate: Campaign Update

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceAug 01 21:38 PM

    Asked at the debate whether fossil fuels, including coal, and fracking would have a place in his administration, Biden said: “No. We would -- we would work it out. When asked to clarify on Thursday ...

  6. Kirsten Gillibrand to Make $1 Million Ad Buy: Campaign Update

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceAug 09 19:08 PM

    The 30-second spot will run on television in Iowa and New Hampshire, sites of the first two presidential nominating contests, the campaign said, as well as online. So far, she’s booked $42,150 ...

  7. Biden Takes on Trump Again Over Mass Shootings: Campaign Update

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceAug 08 20:08 PM

    Cory Booker’s latest proposal to fight climate change calls for planting 15 billion trees by 2050 and spending billions of dollars to help farms cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.The plan ...

  8. Trump’s Re-Election Now at the Mercy of a Slowing Economy

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceAug 15 15:10 PM

    Senator Elizabeth Warren, who posted a Medium blog in July about the economic slowdown, tweeted Wednesday that “the warning signs for another recession are flashing.

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