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  1. "As a registered nurse who cares for patients in Greenfield and an advocate for the most vulnerable people in our communities, I support Sheila Gilmour for Mayor of Greenfield," said Donna Stern ...

  2. AP Analysis: US-UK trade deal won't be so easy post-Brexit

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceSep 07 14:37 PM

    Britain hasn't even divorced the European Union yet, and already a new suitor has come calling: the United States. During a visit this week to the United Kingdom, Vice President Mike Pence brought ...

  3. The Democratic Leadership Are Now Stalinists, Charges FAIR

    PR Newswire via Yahoo FinanceSep 20 18:41 PM

    The Ways and Means Committee hearing targeted 60 groups that are on the unaccountable, discredited, and scandal-ridden Southern Poverty Law Center's ( SPLC ) list of "hate groups." This ...

  4. Tech execs say they're acting faster on extremist content

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceSep 18 19:45 PM

    "We will continue to invest in the people and technology to meet the challenge," said Derek Slater, Google's director of information policy.

  5. Facebook still auto-generating Islamic State, al-Qaida pages

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceSep 18 21:59 PM

    In the face of criticism that Facebook is not doing enough to combat extremist messaging, the company likes to say that its automated systems remove the vast majority of prohibited content glorifying ...

  6. Trump: US locked and loaded for response to attack on Saudis

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceSep 16 1:10 AM

    A weekend drone attack on Saudi Arabia that cut into global energy supplies and halved the kingdom's oil production threatened Sunday to fuel a regional crisis, as the U.S. released new evidence ...