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  1. Halliburton and its rivals that provide drilling equipment and services have suffered this year due to reduced spending by oil and gas producers amid weak prices. Spending by U.S. independent ...

  2. States With the Best Infrastructure – 2019 Edition

    SmartAsset via Yahoo FinanceOct 16 11:00 AM

    Lack of investment in infrastructure within a state can have tangible effects on its residents’ finances. The American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2016 report “Failure to ...

  3. 50 Longest-Running Banks You Can Count On in Every State

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceOct 10 9:00 AM

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) closed more than 450 banks as a result of the 2008 financial crisis, including Washington Mutual, the largest bank failure in United States ...

  4. The Average Rent in Every State

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceOct 01 9:00 AM

    Owning a home has long been an essential part of the American dream, combining the basic need for housing with the chance to invest in a piece of property. But, for an increasing ...

  5. Best States for Nursing Home Care – 2019 Edition

    SmartAsset via Yahoo FinanceOct 09 11:00 AM

    Specifically, we looked at the following metrics: nursing homes per 10,000 seniors, nurse staffing hours per resident per day, average fine amount incurred by nursing homes, percentage of ...

  6. Here’s How Much Your State Makes From Taxes

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceOct 07 9:00 AM

    Because while the bulk of your taxes in a given year are kicked up to the IRS and the federal government, there's still a big chunk headed to the statehouse — and those taxes are by no ...

  7. Best Touristy Towns To Own Rental Property

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceOct 04 9:00 AM

    Imagine owning a rental property that generates a constant stream of passive income because it's so in demand with tourists. This dream can become a reality if you decide to buy property ...

  8. Home Values Are Warming Up in North Dakota

    MoneyWise via Yahoo FinanceOct 14 2:37 AM

    They indicate that the market in North Dakota is heating up, according to Zillow, though you might find vast differences from one city or one corner of the state ...

  9. Cheapest Places To Buy a Home in Every State

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceOct 11 9:00 AM

    The U.S. housing market is hot — very hot, according to Zillow. The median list price of homes is currently $289,000, nearly $100,000 higher than the median list price five years ago. Despite rising prices, home sales are up.

  10. States with the highest, lowest state and local tax collections

    Fox Business via Yahoo FinanceOct 03 10:43 AM

    State and local tax collections have become a big issue for some taxpayers ever since deductions were capped under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was signed into law in 2017. A judge ...

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