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  1. Bezos Investigator Says Saudis Hacked Into Amazon CEO's Phone

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceApr 01 8:01 AM

    Gavin de Becker, a security consultant for Bezos, made his accusations in a 2000-plus-word post in the Daily Beast, which the news site labeled as "opinion." The investigator gave no direct ...

  2. Oakley, the 55-year-old power forward who dominated the boards during much of his National Basketball Association career, spoke about Bezos in an interview that did a better job of laying out ...

  3. QuikTrip Wins Dismissal of Lawsuit Over Parking Lot Murder

    ALM Media via Yahoo FinanceApr 01 3:27 AM

    A federal judge has thrown out a premises liability lawsuit against QuikTrip over a man who was murdered in a convenience store parking lot. “As a matter of law, a proprietor’s duty of ordinary ...

  4. The opioid crisis has affected the U.S. in myriad ways, including through drops in life expectancy, distrust in the number of prescriptions from physicians, and now labor force participation ...

  5. Florida Law Enforcement Gets Tougher on Massage-Parlor Sex

    ALM Media via Yahoo FinanceApr 02 1:07 AM

    When Florida authorities shut down 10 massage spas last month and charged hundreds of men with buying sex, they broke a long-standing pattern of meting out minor charges and punishment for owners ...

  6. Arrest revives security concerns at Trump's Florida estate

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceApr 04 4:14 AM

    As palm trees swayed in the ocean breeze, Yujing Zhang approached Secret Service agents in the Mar-a-Lago parking lot. She said she was going to the swimming pool at the Palm Beach presidential ...

  7. Patriots Owner's Attorneys Attack Prostitution Investigation

    ALM Media via Yahoo FinanceApr 04 1:49 AM

    Attorneys for Robert Kraft attacked a Florida police investigation that led to the New England Patriots owner being charged with paying for sex at a massage parlor, saying officers violated ...

  8. Where Will Apple Be in a Year?

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceApr 02 19:45 PM

    Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) wants to be a service company. The company's new streaming video, gaming, and news products will join its highly successful Apple Music service over the next few months.

  9. Microsoft's Xbox Plans Are Bigger Than Hardware

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceApr 02 14:21 PM

    Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Sony -- along with Nintendo -- have a big advantage when it comes to video games. Microsoft seems to be working on an answer. Already a giant of nonconsole streaming ...

  10. Bezoses' Divorce Terms Ease Concern Over Who Controls Amazon

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceApr 04 18:47 PM

    Bezos will also maintain ownership of the Washington Post and his space exploration company, Blue Origin LLC. Amazon investors mostly shrugged off news in January of the couple’s divorce after ...

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