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  1. Total bans on abortion ignore the opinions of most Americans

    Quartz via Yahoo FinanceAug 13 21:21 PM

    Yet another state is debating a near total ban on abortion. A state senate committee in Tennessee began hearings this week on a proposed amendment to its so-called “fetal heartbeat ...

  2. Here Is the Biggest Bank in Every State

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceAug 16 9:00 AM

    Deposit Insurance Corp. to rank financial institutions by total deposits inside of their market, or within their home state. Alabama: Regions Bank Total deposits inside market: ...

  3. Most Expensive States To Get a Speeding Ticket

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceAug 14 9:00 AM

    The GOBankingRates study then compared the cost of a ticket for traveling 13 mph over the posted speed limit for a first-time offender and — assuming no additional fees — established ...

  4. Here’s the Highest-Paid Job in Your State

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceAug 07 9:00 AM

    While there are many states where they would earn the highest average salary, there's considerable variation from state to state in terms of what that salary is. Delaware ...

  5. Notably, there is no state in which more than one quarter of residents support making abortion services completely illegal. States with the largest proportion of residents ...

  6. A State-by-State Look at Where Cannabis Is Legal

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceAug 05 10:06 AM

    Maine Massachusetts Nevada Oregon Washington According to a recently released report from Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics ("State of the Legal Cannabis Markets"), U.S ...

  7. FreightWaves Radio This Week: Parking, Technology And 3PLs

    Benzinga via Yahoo FinanceAug 09 14:26 PM

    Co-hosts John Kingston and Timothy Dooner will be joined by Sarah Hernandez, an assistant professor in the engineering school of the University of Arkansas who just completed ...

  8. Here’s How Much Tariffs Could Cost Every State

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceAug 07 19:04 PM

    President Donald Trump’s administration imposed tariffs on many imports into the U.S., and the nations impacted by those tariffs have retaliated with tariffs of their own, driving up ...

  9. Every State’s Iconic Food Item — and Where to Eat It

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceAug 12 9:00 AM

    Author, actress and Alabama native Fannie Flagg had a great-aunt who ran the Irondale Cafe. Inspired, Flagg wrote “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe,” which was loosely based on the Irondale Cafe.

  10. 25 Worst Floods of All Time

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceAug 13 20:10 PM

    To get an understanding of just how impactful these events can be, take a look at some of the worst floods of all time. For nearly three months in 2008, unrelentingly rains ...

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