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  1. Best and Worst States If You’re Unemployed — and Want a Job

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceJul 01 9:00 AM

    Its five- and 10-year employment growth rates are among the best in the nation. However, the state is losing big in other important categories. Nevada's 10-year average unemployment rate of 8.88%, for instance, is the worst in the country.

  2. Meet the dogs of the 2020 presidential race

    Quartz via Yahoo FinanceJul 01 14:00 PM

    The Democratic field for the 2020 presidential election is already crowded, with 25 declared candidates, and several more waiting in the wings. Most are running on similar platforms, promising ...

  3. Barge Movement Resumes On Mississippi, But Remains Sluggish

    Benzinga via Yahoo FinanceJul 01 22:49 PM

    The region is finally getting enough of a break from Mother Nature to let barges resume movement up and down the Mississippi River and its tributaries, from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast. River ...

  4. Guide to State Sales Tax Holidays, 2019

    Kiplinger via Yahoo FinanceJul 01 15:07 PM

    School supplies that cost $50 or less per item. Books (ones that are published and have an ISBN number) that cost $30 or less. Note: Alabama's holiday exempts all these items from state sales ...

  5. Bourbon spill from fire making way to Ohio River

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceJul 08 15:55 PM

    Bourbon that leaked from a fire that destroyed a Jim Beam barrel warehouse in Kentucky is making its way to the Ohio River. State environmental officials say they're assessing wildlife ...

  6. U.S. Non-Coastal States See Faster Pace of Home Price Growth

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceJul 02 12:24 PM

    Midwestern states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio -- viewed as possible keys in the 2020 election -- remain above the national average of 3.6%.

  7. 3 Hot Cannabis Stocks to Watch in July

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceJun 29 20:30 PM

    Marijuana stocks generally performed well in the first half of 2019, with some of them downright smoking hot, though there were naturally some losers, too. As the calendar flips to July and ...

  8. Chemed Corporation CHE has been gaining investors’ confidence, courtesy of its strength in core business segments and a promising return to its shareholders. Riding on a few solid prospects, ...

  9. Americans Pick These Sit-Down Restaurants as Their Favorites

    MoneyWise via Yahoo FinanceJul 05 15:58 PM

    People are impressed with more than the pancakes, paninis and pan-seared pork chops that casual dining establishments are serving up. They're delighted with the overall experience -- and customer ...

  10. The Trump Tariff Twist That Has Cost U.S. Steel $5.6 Billion

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceJul 08 15:17 PM

    President Donald Trump’s tariffs on foreign steel have sped the decline of some of the U.S. mills he vowed to help. Since Trump announced the tariffs 16 months ago, U.S. Steel has lost almost ...

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