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  1. Congress Is Back. Here’s What’s on Its To-Do List

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceSep 09 15:21 PM

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi faces a crucial decision on whether to give the go-ahead for formal impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Impeachment is popular with ...

  2. Pelosi Accuses Trump of ‘Stealing’ Relief Funds

    The Fiscal Times via Yahoo FinanceAug 28 22:35 PM

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the Trump administration’s effort to shift $271 million within the Department of Homeland Security to support activities at the border is a “brazen ...

  3. Expectations for President Trump to follow up on a planned Executive Order that shook biopharma investors’ psyche in July, paired with drug pricing plans from the likes of Speaker Nancy ...

  4. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House leadership have blocked a vote on the bill more than 80 times and have refused to schedule a hearing or sign the discharge petition for the bill.

  5. Congress returns to McConnell's legislative 'graveyard'

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceSep 09 4:31 AM

    The Kentucky Republican has promised a "Grim Reaper" strategy focused on burying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's legislative priorities, but without a robust GOP agenda it could prove ...

  6. US moves FEMA, Coast Guard money to fund border programs

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceAug 28 2:58 AM

    The Department of Homeland Security is moving $271 million from other agencies such as FEMA and the U.S. Coast Guard to increase the number of beds for detained immigrants and support its policy ...

  7. Facebook, Microsoft launch contest to detect deepfake videos

    Reuters via Yahoo FinanceSep 05 21:54 PM

    In August, the Democratic National Committee demonstrated the threat from deepfake videos by creating one of its own Chairman Tom ...

  8. Moving beyond Mueller, Democrats focus on Trump's properties

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceSep 06 18:06 PM

    Casting their Trump nets beyond the special counsel's Russia report, House Democrats are demanding information about the spending of taxpayer money at the president's hotels and properties.

  9. House Democrats Prepare for Pre-Christmas Funding Crunch: Reports

    The Fiscal Times via Yahoo FinanceAug 28 14:46 PM

    The Republican-controlled Senate, meanwhile, has yet to take up any 2020 funding bills after leaders in that chamber decided to wait for the Trump administration and House Speaker Nancy ...

  10. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday that Democrats are especially concerned about enforcement of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada ...

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