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  2. Malibu Media, LLC (“ Siterip”) Movie Lawsuit FAQ. In mid-February, many of you received a notice or letter from your Internet Provider (“ISP”) that you were sued by Malibu Media for illegal filesharing.

  3. Malibu Media LLC Subpoena Letter Attorney, ISP Lawsuit ...

    The Malibu Media, LLC lawsuit is one of many “free movie” download cases we see, which are sometimes called “copyright troll” lawsuits or BitTorrent lawsuits. BitTorrent is a common software people use to illegally obtain movies online.

  4. Malibu Media

    Malibumedia is a small video production company in Bulli, near Wollongong, working with high profile clients. We have 35 years of international and domestic experience, a proven corporate and commercial record and numerous industry awards.

  5. MALIBU MEDIA - FACTS - Cashman Law Firm, PLLC

    malibu media plaintiff attorneys will name and serve defendant if the case is ignored or a settlement is not reached. resources: everything you need to know in one page about your malibu media, llc (‘x-art’ siterip) movie lawsuit and isp subpoena (faq). motions to quash in one page (faq); when not to file a motion to quash.

  6. The Biggest Filer of Copyright Lawsuits? This Erotica Web ...

    In the past year, their company Malibu Media LLC has filed more than thirteen hundred copyright-infringement lawsuits—more of these cases than anyone else, accounting for a third of all U.S ...

  7. Malibu Media Anonymous Settlement, Buyer Beware.

    In a Malibu Media, LLC case, doing so is simply reckless. Malibu Media anonymous settlement “price gouging.” Further, negotiating a Malibu Media anonymous settlement gives the Malibu Media copyright troll attorneys an opportunity to price gouge their settlement prices. Why?

  8. MALIBU MEDIA LLC: New TEXAS Lawsuits | Torrent Defenders

    MALIBU MEDIA LLC is a company that produces adult films for the website MALIBU MEDIA in TEXAS Malibu Media is filing lawsuits against Texas defendants which allege the illegal download of their adult films, typically through BitTorrent file-sharing software.

  9. Fight A Malibu Media Lawsuit & Subpoena -

    Malibu Media Lawsuit: Have you gotten a letter explaining that Malibu Media, LLC wants to sue you for copyright infringement? Have you received a Malibu Media Subpoena? If so, you have come to the right place. This firm represents people who are being sued by Malibu Media, and by other “copyright trolls.”

  10. Lawyers representing the adult film producer Malibu Media, LLC file long lists of movie titles on the public record, accusing an Internet subscriber of copying those movies illegally. Among the titles on that list are many adult films with very embarrassing titles.

  11. Malibu Media stories at Techdirt.

    Malibu Media continues to burn judicial bridges. ... LLC’ is registered with the California Secretary of State, and has the same address as Venice PI, LLC, the parent company named in plaintiff ...