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  1. Consumers With Job-Based Health Insurance Still Struggle With Costs

    ValuePenguin via Yahoo FinanceMay 07 17:12 PM

    Many Americans who get health insurance coverage through their jobs are finding health care costs to be prohibitive, too, a new survey shows. In a survey of 1,407 adults with employer-sponsored ...

  2. 13 Ways to Survive Rising Healthcare Costs

    GOBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceMay 07 9:03 AM

    Premiums aren’t the only healthcare costs on the rise — the average deductible for those with employer-provided health coverage skyrocketed from $151 to $417 between 2006 and 2016, according ...

  3. Medicare for All: Promise and Perils

    Kiplinger via Yahoo FinanceMay 09 17:44 PM

    While Republicans pause in their battle against Obamacare until after 2020, Democrats have again set sail toward health care reform.

  4. Federal officials are proposing new regulations that for the first time could allow patients to compare prices charged by various hospitals and other health care providers using data ...

  5. Washington to offer first 'public option' insurance in US

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceMay 12 15:53 PM

    Washington is set to become the first state to enter the private health insurance market with a universally available public option. A set of tiered public plans will cover standard services ...

  6. The Medicare system is notoriously complex, and the decisions you make now can have an impact years down the road. You can add a Part D prescription-drug plan at a separate cost.

  7. What Is The Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

    SmartAsset via Yahoo FinanceMay 13 21:59 PM

    Medicare and Medicaid are two health insurance programs run by the government. Medicare is available to most Americans over the age of 65, whereas Medicaid is exclusive to lower-income ...

  8. A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that Medicare beneficiaries who enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan spend less and use fewer services before they make the switch ...

  9. Shares of Health Insurers Suffering at Prospect of Medicare for All via Yahoo FinanceMay 24 15:12 PM

    Cohen Shares of health care insurers have suffered lately as investors are spooked by the prospect of Medicare for All, but the threat may be overblown. Many believe it's far from a sure ...

  10. 'Medicare for All's' rich benefits 'leapfrog' other nations

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceMay 21 15:38 PM

    The plan from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders would charge no copays or deductibles for medical care, allowing only limited terms of essentially eliminating private insurance and ...

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    related to Kaiser Health Plan