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    The Hopi are a Native American tribe, often recognized for populating the North American continent and in particular, Arizona.As of the 2010 census, there are 19,338 Hopi in the United States.

  3. Hopi Tribe: Facts, Clothes, Food and History

    Summary and Definition: The Hopi tribe are a peace-loving people who have kept their culture intact due in large part to living in isolated areas of Northeastern Arizona. The names of the most famous chiefs of the Hopi included Chief Dan and Chief Tuba. The Hopi tribe are famous for their beliefs ...

  4. Learn about the history of the Hopi Indians

    Hopi Indians The Hopi Indians were considered a sub tribe of the Pueblo Indians from Arizona. The Hopi Indians were considered a sub tribe of the Pueblo Indians, hailing from Arizona, but they spoke a different langu

  5. Hopi | people |

    Hopi: Hopi, the westernmost group of Pueblo Indians, situated in what is now northeastern Arizona, on the edge of the Painted Desert. They speak a Northern Uto-Aztecan language.

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    Job Listings. A complete signed job application must be submitted by 12:00 PM (noon) on the closing date. It is important your application show all relevant education & experience you possess, to include Transcripts, Diplomas, Training Certificates, etc. Applications will not be considered if incomplete.

  7. Hopi Tribe | ITCA

    Introductory Information. The Hopi people trace their history in Arizona to more than 2,000 years, but their history as a people goes back many more thousands of years. . According to their legends, the Hopi migrated north to Arizona from the south, up from what is now South America, Central America and


    Hopi Indian Tribe Clothing. The Hopi lived in a very warm and dry climate so clothing was usually kept to a minimum. Men typically wore a simple breechcloth for cover and deerskin moccasins on their feet.

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    The Hopi Indian tribe live on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona, in a region where their ancestors have lived for many thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. The Hopi Reservation is an area referred to as the Black Mesa, which they consider to be the center of the universe. The Black Mesa is ...

  10. The Hopi People. Welcome to a site dedicated to the Hopi. The Hopi, who live in the arid highlands of northern Arizona, have inhabited the same place for a millennium and are one of the oldest dwellers in this land.