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    The consent to assignment is not consent for any other or further assignment of the HAP Contract (including any interest in the HAP Contract or any payments under the HAP Contract) by the owner, lender or Fannie Mae, to any other assignee, transferee or successor in interest.


    The term “Lender” includes any successors and assigns of Lender. “MERS” is Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. MERS is a separate corporation that is the Nominee for Lender and is acting solely for Lender.

  4. Examples of Cases Where Successors in Interest and Similar ...

    successor in interest issues. Some include co-borrowers, while others, like this, involve a divorce resulting in a homeowner other than the original borrower now having title to the property.

  5. Guidance for Mortgage Servicers on Successors in Interest ...

    Promptly providing successors in interest with any documents, forms or other materials the servicer requires for the successor in interest to continue making payments and to apply to be evaluated for an assumption and, where appropriate, loss mitigation options.

  6. Fannie Mae Loan Performance Data

    successor Web site controlled by Fannie Mae, as amended from time to time. “ Contents ” means the Data and any content, information, documentation or functionality provided in connection therewith by Fannie Mae hereunder, and updates thereto as released from time to time by Fannie Mae.

  7. Helping Successor Homeowners Get Loan Modifications

    hopefully getting a loan modification for your successor in interest ... Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HAMP rules all provide that a co-borrower need not provide proof


    Conservator of Fannie Mae; (ii) Fannie Mae; and (iii) each and all of FHFA and Fannie Mae’s respective successors in interest, predecessors, representatives, trustees, executors, administrators, agents, heirs, estates, assigns or transferees, immediate and remote, and any other

  9. Getting Loan Mods for Successors

    with the successor in interest of the deceased ... successors and assigns of Lender and ... • Fannie Mae owned (Fannie Servicing Guide) ...

  10. February Newsletter Breaks Down the “Widows & Orphans” Issue ...

    Particularly if the loan is governed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac rules, there is an argument that Fannie and Freddie allow for simultaneous loan modification and assumption after any “exempt transaction,” which includes some transfers beyond those covered by Garn-St Germain.

  11. Loan Mods for Successors in Interest Mich 9.11.14 final

    Is client’s interest “subject to” ... • Fannie Mae owned (Fannie Servicing Guide) ... with the successor in interest of the deceased