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  2. Ecuador Set to Pay Highest Bond Yield Since 2011

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceJan 28 21:59 PM

    Traders weren’t expecting Ecuador to sell debt until officials completed negotiations with the IMF, said Shamaila Khan, AllianceBernstein’s director of emerging-market debt. Finance Ministry ...

  3. Greed Is Back as Debt Markets Face an $8.6 Trillion Hangover

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceFeb 05 15:15 PM

    Consider the action over the past week: Serial defaulter Ecuador managed to sell $1 billion in new bonds even as the government is in talks for International Monetary Fund financing.

  4. Transportation System Delivers Year-Round Produce

    Benzinga via Yahoo FinanceJan 31 16:26 PM

    About the author: In addition to being a freight market analyst, Michael Crosby spent 10 years working for a wholesale company in Chattanooga, Tennessee – supplying restaurants and grocery stores ...

  5. Gramercy Loads Up on Venezuela Bonds in Bet Maduro to Fall

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceFeb 04 11:00 AM

    The 53-year-old distressed debt veteran says he made a “substantial investment” in its defaulted bonds, mostly in November, betting authoritarian President Nicolas Maduro would finally be forced ...

  6. The morning after, that is, the socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro is ousted. So Hausmann may soon find himself in a position to carry out -- or at least lobby for -- his vision for a recovery ...

  7. So Much Gas, So Few Allies Spells Trouble in Populist Nation

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceFeb 05 14:09 PM

    Contracts with Bolivia’s biggest customers -- Brazil and Argentina -- are in the process of being renegotiated at a time when both are vowing to boost their own output, and enjoy extensive coastlines ...

  8. AP Explains: Cucuta, Colombia _ The gateway into Venezuela

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceFeb 04 21:23 PM

    Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is moving ahead with plans to try to bring in humanitarian aid through the Colombian border city of Cucuta, where the U.S. government will transport ...

  9. Uruguay is betting on exports of medical marijuana

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceFeb 05 23:21 PM

    When he was younger, the only thing that Enrique Morales knew about marijuana was that you smoked it to get high. Today, the former driver for a dairy company is a horticulturist on a cannabis ...

  10. Socialists are coming out of the woodwork, selling investors a scam

    Fox Business via Yahoo FinanceJan 30 11:00 AM

    Socialism is not to be applauded. Socialists are selling you a scam. Socialists are selling you a con. Socialists are selling you a lie.

  11. Global Thirst for Bonds Has Investors Scooping Up Italian Debt

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceFeb 07 8:06 AM

    Italy’s carpe diem sale is allowing it to raise 8 billion euros ($9.1 billion) as investors scramble to lend to some of the world’s biggest borrowers, including Japan, the U.S. and Greece. The ...