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  1. 3 “Strong Buy” Med Tech Stocks Amid Recession Threat

    TipRanks via Yahoo FinanceSep 26 11:33 AM

    According to CFO’s polled by Duke University, these fears are justified. Optimism is low in all regions of the world, which exacerbates any slowdown occurring in the US,” John ...

  2. Harvard University is a notoriously tough school to get into, with an acceptance rate of just 4.5% in the most recent admissions cycle for the class of 2023. A new study notes that in ...

  3. A2A Pharmaceuticals Appoints New Advisors

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceSep 30 12:00 PM

    He started his independent laboratory at Columbia University in 1992 and his studies focus on regulatory pathways that promote tumor growth, angiogenesis, metastasis and how they can ...

  4. US is urged to end probe of Middle East studies program

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceSep 27 20:39 PM

    A letter from the group's Washington office urged Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to revoke her agency's threat to cut grant funding to the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies ...

  5. Americans Feel a Little Down About a Decent Economy

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceSep 27 12:51 PM

    So-called soft economic numbers – surveys of business leaders and consumers -- started to look much more positive than the hard numbers of investment, growth and measures of business activity ...

  6. Millennial Money: Sneaky ways burnout hurts your bottom line

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceSep 24 15:12 PM

    "Millennials have this double whammy of anxiety coupled with a really strong work ethic," says Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist and professor emerita at Golden Gate University. This ...

  7. 10 of the Happiest Places to Retire in the U.S.

    Kiplinger via Yahoo FinanceSep 26 17:04 PM

    The following 10 retirement destinations rank the highest in terms of the overall well-being of residents. This small mountain city on the shores of Lake Champlain is a picturesque setting for tree-hugging retirees.

  8. With $0 Fees, Schwab Risks Blowing Up Brokerage Model It Built

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceOct 02 10:00 AM

    Now, the brokerage may help to kill off the fee-based business model altogether. On Tuesday, Schwab said it will eliminate commissions on trades for all U.S. stocks and exchange traded funds ...

  9. New protest hit Haiti amid demands that president resign

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceSep 30 20:01 PM

    PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Thousands of demonstrators set fires Monday and chanted calls for Haiti's president to resign as the opposition to Jovenel Moïse tried to increase pressure for him ...

  10. Why Would-Be Dads Should Reconsider Using Marijuana

    Benzinga via Yahoo FinanceSep 26 20:35 PM

    Marijuana and sperm relate on a deeper level than we previously imagined, and the results convey more risks than benefits. A recent survey revealed that marijuana enhanced sexual pleasure in ...

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