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  2. Former Judge Moody Tops Money Chase in Attorney General Race

    ALM Media via Yahoo FinanceMay 14 14:56 PM

    “Judge Ashley Moody continues to outraise and outperform her Republican primary opponents with each and every campaign finance reporting period,” Moody campaign manager Nick Catroppo said in ...

  3. Florida’s Trauma Drama Continues as New Law Challenged

    ALM Media via Yahoo FinanceMay 16 5:15 AM

    Nicklaus Children’s Hospital filed a challenge in Leon County circuit court seeking an injunction to block a section of the law that would allow a competitor, Kendall Regional Medical Center ...

  4. Thought Leaders Push For Change In Cancer Systems

    PR Newswire via Yahoo FinanceMay 07 11:00 AM

    On May 8 + 9, 2018 Lazarex Cancer Foundation convenes 2 days of discussions with thought leaders in oncology, public health, private industry, patient advocacy and public policy to address clinical ...

  5. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN ®) has released a free booklet to empower people with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and their loved ones with resources for better-informed medical ...

  6. How to Beat the Bear Market Depends on Your Investment Horizon

    InvestorPlace via Yahoo FinanceMay 07 9:31 AM

    A bear market, as opposed to a correction, is defined by stocks dropping 20% in value or more. The Dow Jones peaked at about 26,600 in January. Bear territory would be a Dow at 21,300.

  7. What an Older Investor Needs to Know About Dividend Stocks

    InvestorPlace via Yahoo FinanceMay 09 13:43 PM

    As we come to realize that no one gets out of this life alive, investment goals change. Dividend stocks for older investors are different than those for young people.

  8. How To Get Rich on Dividends: Time Loves a Hero Stock

    InvestorPlace via Yahoo FinanceMay 09 14:06 PM

    Last week’s Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) dividend increase highlighted the dangers and opportunities that dividend investors face when choosing where to place their bets. The shares have nearly ...

  9. Bayer of Wiggin and Dana. I have never found more professional civil attorneys than these men,” DeMeola told the crowd of friends and colleagues, as the top three finalists took the stage ...

  10. Micron Technology Inc. Stock’s Got Your Super-Cycle Right Here

    InvestorPlace via Yahoo FinanceMay 23 5:39 AM

    How lucky it is to be Micron Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) right now. Think about gaming and artificial intelligence — all the fast-twitch services that are replacing simple searching and information ...

  11. Blockchain: Party Like It’s 1999? Or 2000?

    InvestorPlace via Yahoo FinanceMay 21 12:00 PM

    In the late 1990s, New York City partied to the tune of the internet. I was in the middle of it, Mr. Pinstripe Suit, topped by a nifty fedora.

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