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  1. Help for California’s Housing Crisis Is in the Backyard

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceSep 30 10:30 AM

    It’s a smart idea that deserves Governor Gavin Newsom’s support. The state recently passed legislation to ease zoning restrictions and expedite approval for so-called accessory dwelling units ...

  2. Migrant Children Need Their Flu Shots

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceOct 11 10:30 AM

    The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees. With flu season here, will the government follow its own recommendations and vaccinate the children in its care? U.S. Customs and Border Protection ...

  3. Constellation Brands to introduce Corona hard seltzer

    Fox Business via Yahoo FinanceOct 04 7:24 AM

    Alternative beer brand Crook & Marker introduced their new spiked soda products on FOX Business’ Varney & Co. on Tuesday.

  4. Trump’s Shameful Abandonment of the Kurds

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceOct 08 16:29 PM

    U.S. forces “will no longer be in the immediate area.” The Trump administration thus granted Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tacit permission to attack Kurdish forces in Syria — forces ...

  5. Congress Can Act Now to Stop Surprise Medical Bills

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceOct 01 10:30 AM

    Some states have taken steps to rein in the abuse, but Congress needs to act immediately to protect the 61 percent of privately insured workers whose employers operate their health plans directly ...

  6. The Travesty of ‘Stand Your Ground’

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceOct 08 12:55 PM

    Applied in one form or another in some three dozen states, these provisions allow ordinary citizens to use deadly force in self-defense even when violence could have been avoided simply by retreating ...

  7. Hong Kong’s Beijing-appointed chief executive Carrie Lam has invoked emergency powers that allow her to, among other things, insist that protesters stop wearing masks, so as to be able to identify ...

  8. A Step Toward Smarter Taxes on Multinationals’ Profits

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceOct 10 10:30 AM

    Under existing rules, multinationals have great leeway to shift profits to low-tax jurisdictions, with little regard to where their products are actually produced or consumed. Governments are ...

  9. What’s the Point of the Economics Nobel?

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceOct 09 5:00 AM

    It was first awarded in 1969 by the Swedish central bank as an addendum to the other, much older, Nobel prizes (and is correctly known as the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in ...

  10. Europe Should Welcome Johnson’s Brexit Plan

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceOct 04 5:00 AM

    From the start, the main sticking point in the talks has been what Brexit means for the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Johnson’s plan would leave the North, which is part of the ...

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