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  1. The Master of Robots Left AQR. Now He’s Coming for Wall Street

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceOct 09 14:13 PM

    Now he’s travelling across quantland to deliver a reality check -- selling his algorithms and expertise to all comers after an unexpected split from AQR Capital Management LLC this summer ...

  2. The Investment Case for Bitcoin

    ETF Trends via Yahoo FinanceOct 13 12:00 PM

    If bitcoin is increasingly used as an asset with monetary value, what role might it play within an investment portfolio? Bitcoin may potentially increase portfolio diversification because of ...

  3. It isn't a bad idea to talk to your parents or grandparents about retirement and what worked for them.

  4. Although you can't control all the challenges you might encounter as you move toward and through retirement, having a well-thought-out plan can help you be better prepared.

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