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  1. In the Future, We Will All Work in Food Service

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceNov 01 16:00 PM

    For example, employment at food services and drinking places hasn’t passed employment in manufacturing yet, but seems destined to overtake it before long. Food services jobs don’t pay ...

  2. California is living America’s dystopian future

    Quartz via Yahoo FinanceNov 05 11:00 AM

    The Golden State is on fire, which means that an idea of American utopia is on fire, too. Utopias are the good places of our imagination, while dystopias are the places where everything goes ...

  3. Rubio Plans Bill to Block Federal Pensions Investing in China

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceOct 28 22:04 PM

    The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board on Monday addressed concerns that switching the benchmark for its $50 billion TSP I Fund to mirror an index with Chinese assets would undermine ...

  4. What Is Secular Stagnation?

    SmartAsset via Yahoo FinanceNov 04 23:05 PM

    On top of this, interest rates remain very low for both private bonds and government debt. They don’t have better private sector alternatives than the safety of government loans.

  5. Varney: American prosperity makes a comeback under Trump

    Fox Business via Yahoo FinanceNov 04 16:11 PM

    Fifty-five million Americans with a 401(k) and 35 million with an IRA: Their pension money has gone up by about a third. Same with the economy. America is growing far more vigorously ...

  6. Number of kids who don't have insurance is on the rise

    Fox Business via Yahoo FinanceOct 30 16:01 PM

    In September, the unemployment rate hit its lowest rate since 1969. ...; cuts to enrollment outreach and advertising, and the repeal of the individual mandate, the ACA tenet that required Americans ...

  7. Varney: Life's not as awful as the left seems to think

    Fox Business via Yahoo FinanceNov 08 16:49 PM

    While Democrats and the mainstream media paint a dismal future for America, Varney sees the prosperity and success that beats at the heart of this country. “Are you a little tired ...

  8. For real estate investors, there is a modern-day parallel.

  9. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told “60 Minutes” on Sunday that income inequality is a “huge problem” but evaded a question about his $31 million salary and warned that his high-profile critics ...

  10. No short-term fix for challenges in California pot market

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceNov 16 1:30 AM

    California’s struggling marijuana market can expect more strain and turbulence for at least a couple of years as it deals with sustained competition from illegal sales, industry layoffs ...