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  2. It's Not Too Late to Contribute to an IRA for 2017

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceApr 08 18:16 PM

    An Individual Retirement Account (or Individual Retirement Arrangement, as the IRS technically calls them) is a great way to save for retirement.

  3. How to Retire in Costa Rica

    SmartAsset via Yahoo FinanceApr 05 14:07 PM

    We bet you are now! Retiring to Costa Rica has proven to be incredibly affordable for Americans. The average cost to retire in Costa Rica totals around $1,500 per month or $18,000 a year for ...

  4. 15 Tax Tips and Tax Deadlines to Know for Last-Minute Filing

    GoBankingRates via Yahoo FinanceApr 09 9:10 AM

    You’re not alone if you wait until the last minute to file your federal tax return. “Nobody likes to deal with taxes,” said Jonathan Barsade, CEO of Exactor, which provides sales-tax compliance ...

  5. 6 Great 401(k) Features Everyone Should Know About

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceApr 04 19:41 PM

    Though not everyone has access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan, if you happen to have a 401(k) at work, consider yourself lucky. Though you don't need to limit your long-term ...

  6. How not to run out of money in retirement

    Associated Press via Yahoo FinanceApr 09 13:11 PM

    In its simplest form, the "Spend Safely in Retirement " plan suggests waiting until age 70 to claim Social Security and using the IRS' required minimum distribution table to determine ...

  7. Retirement Isn't Free—But Your 401(k) Match Is

    Financial Industry Regulatory Authority via Yahoo FinanceApr 10 16:23 PM

    A 401(k) or similar employer-sponsored retirement plan can be a powerful resource for building a secure retirement—and an employer match can add a substantial amount to your nest ...

  8. When it comes to salting away enough money for retirement, one of the biggest obstacles is the high cost of healthcare. The Employee Benefit Research Institute estimates that a 65-year-old man ...

  9. The Top 5 Money Matters Americans Procrastinate On

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceApr 09 13:01 PM

    It's not just wealthy folks who need a will or estate plan, yet 30% of U.S. adults have been holding off on addressing that need. Along these lines, it pays to do some estate planning if your ...

  10. After people go through a money crisis, it's not uncommon to consider picking up and moving for a fresh start. If you do end up relocating to (hopefully) greener pastures, it's important to ...

  11. 5 Ways to Afford Your First Home

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceApr 11 12:41 PM

    For one thing, the homeownership rate among millennials has dropped in recent years, due in part to a limited inventory of starter homes, and also to student debt payments monopolizing so much ...

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