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  2. Osama bin Laden Killed by U.S. Forces in Pakistan - ABC News

    Osama bin Laden, hunted as the mastermind behind the worst-ever terrorist attack on U.S. soil, has been killed, sources said.

  3. This was the first TV interview Osama (Usama) Bin Laden permitted. It was conducted in 1997 by CNN's Peter Arnett, Peter Bergen and photographer Peter Jouven...

  4. Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden Arabic: أسامة بن محمد بن عوض بن لادن ‎ Usāmah bin Muḥammad bin ‘Awaḍ bin Lādin; 10 March 1957 – 2 May 2011) was the founder of al-Qaeda, the Sunni militant islamist organization, that claimed responsibility for the September 11 attacks on the United States, along with ...

  5. Osama bin Laden | Biography, al-Qaeda, Terrorist Attacks ...

    Osama bin Laden: Osama bin Laden, founder of the militant Islamist organization al-Qaeda and mastermind of numerous terrorist attacks against the United States and other Western powers, including the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon near Washington, D.C.

  6. Osama bin Laden killed by U.S. forces - May 02, 2011 ...

    On this day in 2011, Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States, is killed by U.S. forces during a raid on his compound hideout in Pakistan.

  7. Osama Bin Laden Reprint Edition -

    Osama Bin Laden [Michael Scheuer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 9/11 almost instantaneously remade American politics and foreign policy. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

  8. Osama Bin Laden Was Killed After Deal Between General Kayani ...

    Is it just a coincidence that Pakistan army chief Ashfaq Kayani held a secret meeting with US officials just two days before Laden was killed in a spectacular raid in Abbottabad, 150 km inside Pakistan territory?

  9. Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden credits waterboarding

    Rob O'Neill, the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden, has attributed waterboarding to leading special forces straight to his home. O'Neill made the remark on Twitter on Wednesday.

  10. Osama bin Laden - Wikiquote

    The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies — civilians and military — is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it.

  11. Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden -

    For the first time, the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden tells his story speaking not just about the raid and the three shots that changed history, but about the personal aftermath for himself and his family.