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  2. Mortgage Rates Hit 4-Year High: Will it Foil Housing?

    Zacks via Yahoo FinanceMar 09 14:55 PM

    Mac’s latest Primary Mortgage Market Survey, the 30-year rate rose 3 basis points to 4.46%, marking the highest point since 2014. Meanwhile, total mortgage application volume remained ...

  3. Mortgage Taxes in 2018: What You Need to Know

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceMar 10 23:03 PM

    Homeownership is the American dream, and mortgage loans make buying homes possible for the vast majority of American homeowners. Mortgage interest is one of the biggest ...

  4. 3 Homeownership Costs That Caught Me Off Guard

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceMar 04 11:48 AM

    Although I took on an appropriate amount of mortgage debt given my income level, I still came to find homeownership more expensive than anticipated. Though the average American ...

  5. Currently hovering around 4.3 percent for a standard, 30-year, fixed-rate loan, mortgage interest rates remain very low by historic standards, a silver lining in today's ultra-competitive ...

  6. The 3 Top Tax Deductions for the Average American

    Motley Fool via Yahoo FinanceMar 11 12:03 PM

    Let's go through the top three tax breaks for average Americans to see whether you can use them to boost your tax savings. The most popular itemized deduction for taxpayers is the deduction ...

  7. Viagen Pets allows owners to clone their dogs or cats so a version of them can live forever. When Peanut died unexpectedly last year at the age of 10, Denise Westervelt was devastated by the ...

  8. Trump’s Tariff Is Forcing Homebuilders to Cut Costs

    Bloomberg via Yahoo FinanceMar 05 11:00 AM

    Framing lumber, including installation costs, accounts for about 18 percent of the average home’s selling price, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

  9. Though the jury's still out on whether tax reform will truly end up helping the average American, some workers are finally starting to see its impact in the form of higher paychecks.

  10. Amid Rising Home Prices, Meet 'The Down Payment Movement'

    Benzinga via Yahoo FinanceMar 12 19:05 PM

    It's these economic and psychological hurdles that spurred a collective of financial bloggers and personal finance experts to come together to form the Down Payment Movement, which aims to encourage ...

  11. caption id="attachment_14139" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Photo credit: Shutterstock[/caption] Community Legal Services and Philadelphia Legal Assistance welcomed new board members at their annual meeting, hosted by Pepper Hamilton.

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