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Tanning addiction is a rare syndrome where an individual appears to have a ... Neither tanning addiction nor tanorexia are covered under the latest edition of the ...

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Tanning mom Pamela Krentcil is shining a spotlight on "tanorexia," but there are other people who are just a little too tan themselves....

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As a result, tanning becomes a compulsion similar to behavior associated with eating disorders such as anorexia - giving rise to the non-clinical designation of tanorexia

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Why, despite guaranteed wrinkles and cancer risks, would 30 million Americans visit tanning salons each year? Because many of them are addicted.

'Tanning Mom': Does New Jersey Woman Suffer From 'Tanorexia ...


The New Jersey woman who has denied charges she allowed her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth has gained national attention for her own increasingly ...

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If last week's media firestorm about the "tanning mom" and her daughter did any good, it's that it brought to light a serious condition: tanorexia. Tanorexia may ...

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From a mother accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter to the tanning booth, to celebrities having a bad day, take a look at some shocking tan jobs. (tan addiction)

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Tanorexia is a slang term for a tanning addiction. Does your teen love to tan? Does he spend hours in the sun? Does she go to a tanning salon a little too often?

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The case is prompting new attention to "tanorexia"-- an addiction to tanning -- that some speculate Krentcil, 44, may have, ABC News reported.

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Explore the recent study that has found that tanning is addictive and may produce a 'high' similar to heroine in some people. Tanning addiction has been nicknamed ...